About Us

Stacy and Vince worked in health & fitness industry corporate environment for well over a decade. Not feeling fulfilled in the corporate world, they decided to start their own wholesale discount mattress and furniture store in Anaheim, CA in 2012. They wanted to bring a unique shopping experience to the highly saturated mattress and furniture market in the Orange County, CA area. Their number one goal when starting their business was to offer a personal, one-on-one shopping experience, help as many people as possible, and allowing everyone the ability to afford quality mattresses and furniture that they typically couldn’t afford anywhere else.

Over the years they have donated to many families in need, worked with churches, sober living homes, women’s shelters, and much more. Their work is truly fulfilling and it brings them great joy that they are able to help so many people. As a small business, they feel blessed and grateful when an organization or individual decides to give them the opportunity to serve them.